Sales outsourcing is a perfect solution for your company

NECU is a group of experts, having experience of many years in both local and international customer service, establishing of new sales channels, development of products and services on new markets, and active support of businesses in creating a powerful image.

The mission of NECU is to share our experience with our customers who represent various industries. Our flexibility and highest quality of service allows us to win trust of business partners from every part of the world. We are convinced that when we base of cooperation on mutual trust, reliability and excellent exchange of information we can achieve the most ambitious goals.

Outsourcing allows to focus management processes on the crucial targets and key competencies of the organization.

Business Process Outsourcing is contracting a third-party service provider to manage projects and processes that are traditionally performed with the use of internal resources. It is a perfect way to support any operations in your company without hiring additional staff.
The most frequent types of Business Process Outsourcing include support of a company through sales force outsourcing. Every time, activities are adjusted to individual customer needs, which results in an increase of their effectiveness, cost reduction and freeing up capital and time, which can be used in other activity of the company.


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Professional sales organization through establishing of new sales channels for products/services of your company. Flexible approach and individual adjustment of sales techniques.


We invite to cooperation domestic businesses that are interested in expansion abroad and foreign companies interested in Polish market.


We move traditional sale of our customers to the Internet, using all innovative tools available on the market and building product/service brands online.


We help our customers to reduce costs in the entire purchase process, offering consulting in such fields as plan preparation, selection of suppliers, and assistance in negotiations and payments.


An innovative and nonstandard approach to training and self-development of your staff will awake the hidden powers of your employees, allowing to offset the amount of lost profits to zero.

Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.

Peter Drucker


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